Welcome to my little corner! I am so thrilled you are here and hope to see you back. This blogsite is loaded with visual stimulation, new products, ideas and crazy stuff that runs across my mind. Also included will be many grammer mistakes and misspellings I am sure.

My name is Brandy. I will be your guide. I am also a people watcher, day dreamer, artist, flexitarian, guerilla artist, Sweet Potato Queen, music lover, member of the Metal Pounders Union, and photographer.

I absolutely love my job and the opportunities I have to meet the people that I do.

Remembering 9/11

I have watched Nat Geo several nights this past week and pretty much cried every night. They have been remembering 9/11. If you get a chance catch some of it.

Here is what I remember. 10 years ago today I was listening to The Wheels on the Bus and doing the hand motions while driving Rachel to daycare. After dropping her off I quickly turned on the radio and heard people yelling, lots of confusion and the announcer was saying a plane had accidentally hit the World Trade Center. Work was just right around the corner from daycare so I quickly got in and turned the tv on. Robert, the pharmacist and I stood there and watched as the world changed for all of us. It wasn't long before the second plane hit and war began.

We read stories of tragedy and war like this in school. We had to learn all the facts. The dates, the battles, who was in charge all the time thinking it was silly and useless facts we had to know and be quizzed on. Now I know why. We need to remember.

I was proud of all of us as Americans after that coming together. At one time you could see flags on people's houses and businesses as far as you could see. Things have changed since then. Some of us have slipped comfortably back into life while some are still tortured with what happened that day. Many families lost loved ones that day and after that in war.

Maybe 10 years later its a good idea for us to go back to that uncomfortable place and fly our flags again. Its time to walk up to a solider at the grocery store and shake his hand. Be thankful for your safety. Be thankful that we dont have to be afraid. Forget about all the politics and anger we have for one day. Make today that day.

My name is Brandy Kemp and I will never forget.

Rockin the Ukulele

As my husband would say...I am so easily amused.

Keep Rockin Freaky Japanese Rabbit and Bear

Mapping the Stars

Cam my youngest wanted to go outside before bed a couple of nights ago and draw the stars on a map so she could wish on them. She went on and on about how big the universe was. How it was bigger than all of us. When I asked her what she wished for she said, "I wished for more stars." More stars? She said, "More stars so I could have more wishes." I love the way she thinks.

I went back to the house I grew up in a couple of years ago and remember being amazed at how small the yard was. Growing up it seemed like it was as big as what I thought Texas would be. As big as the universe. Everyone in the neighborhood seemed to gravitate to our house because of the space to play. We had kickball, baseball, football, bicycle races, the occasional parade and a few mock games of the Price is Right.

Our yard was huge! It seems like if someone hit the ball close to the road it took forever to run out there! I wont even mention the time we couldn't find the baseball and decided to play with a tennis ball. Can you say broken window? I didn't know a tennis ball would travel that far!

While walking the yard as an adult I was shocked at how small it was. Of course the landscape had changed alot, bushes that were not there before, and trees over grown. It was sad to look at the old house. It wasn't in the shape it was in when I was growing up there. I wish I would've seen the inside and slapped the attic string against the ceiling one good time for old times sake.

I realized on the way home that one day my girls would discover that the world is not as big as it seems. Is that so bad? Yes there are tons of places I haven't discovered and sadly some that I will never see. I want them to see more, do more and be more than I ever will. I guess in a way I want them to see how small this place is and realize there is more out there than this yard we have to discover.

I hope they continue to discover the universe.

Here is a song about it girls...Its a Big World

I know its a corny song but I am feeling sappy today about my little girls in a big world. Especially after watching my star mapper walk in kindergarten by herself every morning.

Keep Mappin the Stars.. er uh... Rockin


I cant believe it has almost been a month since I last blogged! Shame on me! With the summer days and school just starting back the appointments get later in the day and it seems like I play catch up all day long even though I seem to have the same amount of hours in each day.

I have recently conducted 3 very large business transactions. One was a complete disaster, one we are still working out the kinks and a third one went off without a problem at all. Ironically the 3rd one was the one I was staying awake at night worrying about. I cried on the way home after the 3rd one. I guess the stress had gotten to me.

After the ups and downs of all of these transactions I turned to my husband one day while we were on our way home frustrated from a meeting and told him, "I understand now why people strive for customer service." (Meaning good customer service) Its hard to find! I would bet we've all felt this way at one time or another.

I came across this quote a while back "Customers don’t expect you to be perfect.
They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong."

I make tons of mistakes and beat myself up pretty bad when I do. You have no idea how bad. I know that no one is perfect but I strive to be perfect.

After the recent disaster transaction I have reflected back on my own customer service and hope and pray that I have never overlooked a person, made them feel unimportant, or have fixed the things that went wrong. Before, during or after a session.

I remember my oldest daughter coming home one day from school very upset. She told me about a problem she had with a close friend. The friend had done her so wrong. She was so upset. The first thing I told her was, "Remember how this feels. Crappy huh? Never make another person feel like this." I hate it when my kids learn lessons early in their life.

Call it stupid, call it naive, call it what you will but I will always believe in people. I want to think there is good in all of us. I know I will be frustrated. I know I will be let down and I know that I will be hurt again. It will all be worth it to me.

Nothing like a little DMB to give us a reason to believe in others

You may thank me for the jam...until then

Keep (Believing) Rockin

They Make Me Smile

Sunday my Cam will be 5. Gosh, I cant get over how fast she is growing up and then I turn around and look at Rachel, my oldest, and she is a grown woman at 13.

I wonder what I was like at 5. Was I as curious? Did I have an imagination like Cameron's? One that should be bottled by the way. And then I look at Rachel. Was I that confident? I know I wasnt that athletic!

I love to hear them laugh. Rachel has this explosion laugh that almost catches you off guard and you cant help but laugh with her. Her mouth is wide open and she isnt scared to show others when she sees something funny. I like that. Cameron has this chipmunk like laugh and likes to slap her knee when she wants others to know something is funny to her. Your cheeks hurts from smiling when she laughs. They are so different but they are still the same.

I just said the other day I wish I could record their laughter and play it over and over. One day they will want to hear it...One day they will need to hear it...One day I will need to hear it.

I am proud of my girls. I hope they continue to laugh, smile and make others laugh. Its such an infectious sound. I read that laughter encourages concentration on "right" attitudes rather than "wrong" attitudes.

Here is one of Cam's favorite songs she likes to sing out loud that is appropriate.

You may thank me for the jam...Until then

Keep(Smilin) Rockin


Ive always heard music is a mini trip into another time. It brings back memories good and bad, it evokes emotion, it makes you sing as loud as you can in your car alone, and sometimes even makes you act a fool! A short vacation for 3 minutes, an escape.

Today while driving a flashback came on. And it took me back to the time I was in Jr High. This song wasn't even around then but it would've def been on my mix tape. We didnt have the money to buy a big sound system that would record so I improvised. One year for Christmas I got a pink jam box...my sister got an identical one that was blue. So when a good song would come on the radio I would record from mine while holding it as close to her speakers as I could. Of course I always missed the first part of the song and one of my sisters would bust up in the room while I was trying to record. You could always hear the song start in the chorus instead of the beginning and hear, "Brandy! Can I....shhhh I am recording" over the middle of the song. Funny how time has changed...I dont even think my daughters even know the term mix tape. Unbelievable... I know

Here's one to make you sing loud in the car

If you could make a mix tape what would be on it? Oh wait now it is called shuffle on your ipod. I think...anyway

Keep "Remembering" Rockin

Lets Play Ball

I realized while watching my oldest have one of her best games ever last night that this will probably be her last year of softball. As much as I have whined about driving across the county, not being home to work, red dirt in the truck, smelly uniforms to wash, grabbing supper along the way (which I cant stand to do), and sad when she has to sit on the bench. I will miss it. She's already hinted around about it so I know that it will be coming.

I think one of the things I will miss the most is watching her up to bat. I still see her when she first started in pig tails but she is now a beautiful young lady. Having that feeling in my heart wanting her to make perfect contact with the ball and run the bases with pride. My stomach is just tight watching her. Praying she will make the play of a lifetime. So anxious I cant stand to sit down. Feeling her pain and grief when she doesn't. Seeing a pop fly coming right to her and holding my breath and talking to myself saying, "You got this. You got this." I hate the fact not that she messes up but knowing how she feels when she didn't tag the girl on second base that stole in time. But watching her smile when she comes into the dugout knowing that she just made the most awesome play.

I will miss it but I am sure there will be many other times in her life I will be seeing her in pigtails and holding my breath. I hate the fact that she is growing up.

Weve been through 5 years of softball and 4 years of All Stars. She has made some awesome friends and has definitely learned the meaning of the word teamwork. The past couple of years between games the girls would get on the field and do the Cupid Shuffle. Alot of times the opposing team would get out there with them...Here you go Medina Ladies

3 up 3 down...Let me see you do the Cupid Shuffle