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They Make Me Smile

Sunday my Cam will be 5. Gosh, I cant get over how fast she is growing up and then I turn around and look at Rachel, my oldest, and she is a grown woman at 13.

I wonder what I was like at 5. Was I as curious? Did I have an imagination like Cameron's? One that should be bottled by the way. And then I look at Rachel. Was I that confident? I know I wasnt that athletic!

I love to hear them laugh. Rachel has this explosion laugh that almost catches you off guard and you cant help but laugh with her. Her mouth is wide open and she isnt scared to show others when she sees something funny. I like that. Cameron has this chipmunk like laugh and likes to slap her knee when she wants others to know something is funny to her. Your cheeks hurts from smiling when she laughs. They are so different but they are still the same.

I just said the other day I wish I could record their laughter and play it over and over. One day they will want to hear it...One day they will need to hear it...One day I will need to hear it.

I am proud of my girls. I hope they continue to laugh, smile and make others laugh. Its such an infectious sound. I read that laughter encourages concentration on "right" attitudes rather than "wrong" attitudes.

Here is one of Cam's favorite songs she likes to sing out loud that is appropriate.

You may thank me for the jam...Until then

Keep(Smilin) Rockin

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  1. I completely understand what you type, girl... :) Alex is 5 too and I'm having a hard time with the Kindergarden factor this year. It's a wonder to watch both my kids (and yours through your pics) and see little human beings develop. I have full confidence that if yours are anything AT ALL like their Momma, they'll be just as big of a RockStar as you!

    :) L8r!