Welcome to my little corner! I am so thrilled you are here and hope to see you back. This blogsite is loaded with visual stimulation, new products, ideas and crazy stuff that runs across my mind. Also included will be many grammer mistakes and misspellings I am sure.

My name is Brandy. I will be your guide. I am also a people watcher, day dreamer, artist, flexitarian, guerilla artist, Sweet Potato Queen, music lover, member of the Metal Pounders Union, and photographer.

I absolutely love my job and the opportunities I have to meet the people that I do.


I cant believe it has almost been a month since I last blogged! Shame on me! With the summer days and school just starting back the appointments get later in the day and it seems like I play catch up all day long even though I seem to have the same amount of hours in each day.

I have recently conducted 3 very large business transactions. One was a complete disaster, one we are still working out the kinks and a third one went off without a problem at all. Ironically the 3rd one was the one I was staying awake at night worrying about. I cried on the way home after the 3rd one. I guess the stress had gotten to me.

After the ups and downs of all of these transactions I turned to my husband one day while we were on our way home frustrated from a meeting and told him, "I understand now why people strive for customer service." (Meaning good customer service) Its hard to find! I would bet we've all felt this way at one time or another.

I came across this quote a while back "Customers don’t expect you to be perfect.
They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong."

I make tons of mistakes and beat myself up pretty bad when I do. You have no idea how bad. I know that no one is perfect but I strive to be perfect.

After the recent disaster transaction I have reflected back on my own customer service and hope and pray that I have never overlooked a person, made them feel unimportant, or have fixed the things that went wrong. Before, during or after a session.

I remember my oldest daughter coming home one day from school very upset. She told me about a problem she had with a close friend. The friend had done her so wrong. She was so upset. The first thing I told her was, "Remember how this feels. Crappy huh? Never make another person feel like this." I hate it when my kids learn lessons early in their life.

Call it stupid, call it naive, call it what you will but I will always believe in people. I want to think there is good in all of us. I know I will be frustrated. I know I will be let down and I know that I will be hurt again. It will all be worth it to me.

Nothing like a little DMB to give us a reason to believe in others

You may thank me for the jam...until then

Keep (Believing) Rockin

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