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Mapping the Stars

Cam my youngest wanted to go outside before bed a couple of nights ago and draw the stars on a map so she could wish on them. She went on and on about how big the universe was. How it was bigger than all of us. When I asked her what she wished for she said, "I wished for more stars." More stars? She said, "More stars so I could have more wishes." I love the way she thinks.

I went back to the house I grew up in a couple of years ago and remember being amazed at how small the yard was. Growing up it seemed like it was as big as what I thought Texas would be. As big as the universe. Everyone in the neighborhood seemed to gravitate to our house because of the space to play. We had kickball, baseball, football, bicycle races, the occasional parade and a few mock games of the Price is Right.

Our yard was huge! It seems like if someone hit the ball close to the road it took forever to run out there! I wont even mention the time we couldn't find the baseball and decided to play with a tennis ball. Can you say broken window? I didn't know a tennis ball would travel that far!

While walking the yard as an adult I was shocked at how small it was. Of course the landscape had changed alot, bushes that were not there before, and trees over grown. It was sad to look at the old house. It wasn't in the shape it was in when I was growing up there. I wish I would've seen the inside and slapped the attic string against the ceiling one good time for old times sake.

I realized on the way home that one day my girls would discover that the world is not as big as it seems. Is that so bad? Yes there are tons of places I haven't discovered and sadly some that I will never see. I want them to see more, do more and be more than I ever will. I guess in a way I want them to see how small this place is and realize there is more out there than this yard we have to discover.

I hope they continue to discover the universe.

Here is a song about it girls...Its a Big World

I know its a corny song but I am feeling sappy today about my little girls in a big world. Especially after watching my star mapper walk in kindergarten by herself every morning.

Keep Mappin the Stars.. er uh... Rockin

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