Welcome to my little corner! I am so thrilled you are here and hope to see you back. This blogsite is loaded with visual stimulation, new products, ideas and crazy stuff that runs across my mind. Also included will be many grammer mistakes and misspellings I am sure.

My name is Brandy. I will be your guide. I am also a people watcher, day dreamer, artist, flexitarian, guerilla artist, Sweet Potato Queen, music lover, member of the Metal Pounders Union, and photographer.

I absolutely love my job and the opportunities I have to meet the people that I do.


Ive always heard music is a mini trip into another time. It brings back memories good and bad, it evokes emotion, it makes you sing as loud as you can in your car alone, and sometimes even makes you act a fool! A short vacation for 3 minutes, an escape.

Today while driving a flashback came on. And it took me back to the time I was in Jr High. This song wasn't even around then but it would've def been on my mix tape. We didnt have the money to buy a big sound system that would record so I improvised. One year for Christmas I got a pink jam box...my sister got an identical one that was blue. So when a good song would come on the radio I would record from mine while holding it as close to her speakers as I could. Of course I always missed the first part of the song and one of my sisters would bust up in the room while I was trying to record. You could always hear the song start in the chorus instead of the beginning and hear, "Brandy! Can I....shhhh I am recording" over the middle of the song. Funny how time has changed...I dont even think my daughters even know the term mix tape. Unbelievable... I know

Here's one to make you sing loud in the car

If you could make a mix tape what would be on it? Oh wait now it is called shuffle on your ipod. I think...anyway

Keep "Remembering" Rockin

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