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Lets Play Ball

I realized while watching my oldest have one of her best games ever last night that this will probably be her last year of softball. As much as I have whined about driving across the county, not being home to work, red dirt in the truck, smelly uniforms to wash, grabbing supper along the way (which I cant stand to do), and sad when she has to sit on the bench. I will miss it. She's already hinted around about it so I know that it will be coming.

I think one of the things I will miss the most is watching her up to bat. I still see her when she first started in pig tails but she is now a beautiful young lady. Having that feeling in my heart wanting her to make perfect contact with the ball and run the bases with pride. My stomach is just tight watching her. Praying she will make the play of a lifetime. So anxious I cant stand to sit down. Feeling her pain and grief when she doesn't. Seeing a pop fly coming right to her and holding my breath and talking to myself saying, "You got this. You got this." I hate the fact not that she messes up but knowing how she feels when she didn't tag the girl on second base that stole in time. But watching her smile when she comes into the dugout knowing that she just made the most awesome play.

I will miss it but I am sure there will be many other times in her life I will be seeing her in pigtails and holding my breath. I hate the fact that she is growing up.

Weve been through 5 years of softball and 4 years of All Stars. She has made some awesome friends and has definitely learned the meaning of the word teamwork. The past couple of years between games the girls would get on the field and do the Cupid Shuffle. Alot of times the opposing team would get out there with them...Here you go Medina Ladies

3 up 3 down...Let me see you do the Cupid Shuffle

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