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Remembering 9/11

I have watched Nat Geo several nights this past week and pretty much cried every night. They have been remembering 9/11. If you get a chance catch some of it.

Here is what I remember. 10 years ago today I was listening to The Wheels on the Bus and doing the hand motions while driving Rachel to daycare. After dropping her off I quickly turned on the radio and heard people yelling, lots of confusion and the announcer was saying a plane had accidentally hit the World Trade Center. Work was just right around the corner from daycare so I quickly got in and turned the tv on. Robert, the pharmacist and I stood there and watched as the world changed for all of us. It wasn't long before the second plane hit and war began.

We read stories of tragedy and war like this in school. We had to learn all the facts. The dates, the battles, who was in charge all the time thinking it was silly and useless facts we had to know and be quizzed on. Now I know why. We need to remember.

I was proud of all of us as Americans after that coming together. At one time you could see flags on people's houses and businesses as far as you could see. Things have changed since then. Some of us have slipped comfortably back into life while some are still tortured with what happened that day. Many families lost loved ones that day and after that in war.

Maybe 10 years later its a good idea for us to go back to that uncomfortable place and fly our flags again. Its time to walk up to a solider at the grocery store and shake his hand. Be thankful for your safety. Be thankful that we dont have to be afraid. Forget about all the politics and anger we have for one day. Make today that day.

My name is Brandy Kemp and I will never forget.

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